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Feb. 7th, 2020 08:57 pm
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"Hey there! Yang here. Or... not here, as you probably figured out.
Anyway, leave me a message and I'll get back with you soon as I can. Later!"

[ this post can be used for all private PokéGear phone calls, letters, etc. OOC contact and HMD is over here! ]
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[ It's the crack of dawn. This is definitely the ID number of Weiss Schnee's PokéGear, and that's certainly the heiress herself still in her pajamas on the edge of her bed, but she is wearing quite the unladylike expression. The look on the white-haired girl's face constantly shifts from confusion to fear or even anger as she counts off on her fingers. ]

Four! Four times, I've had my head messed with, and I'm gonna be totally honest with everyone — I'm getting reaaaaaaally tired of these games. I mean this— [ She gestures down at herself. ] —could have ended up a lot worse, but still! It's weird!!

[ "Weiss" huffed, and hung her head for a moment. When she looked back at the camera it's with resignation painted on her face. It went well with her pleading tone. ]

Look. Whoever's responsible, if you fix this now, I promise I won't get mad. Or... want to get even. [ "Weiss" pointed off-screen. ] Any minute now, she's going to wake up in my bruised up body and, you know what? If you think I'm mad, you haven't heard anything yet.

[ She flopped back onto the mattress and sighed. ] This is going to be one hell of a day.

[ ... ] Heck of a day.

[ The girl bolted upright, brow raised. ]
Does Weiss even say "heck"?
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[ It's early. The feed started off abruptly. There's dust and haze obscuring the edges of the scene, and it's not easy to recognize this as the inside of the Goldenrod Gym. It's a lot like watching a firestorm in the middle of a desert. This is no natural event; this is a rough and tumble Pokémon battle, and those who have battled Whitney likely remember her team, even if they haven't seen Yang's in action.

The gym leader was sweating bullets. Her team was worn down and the woman recording this isn't showing any mercy. In fact, she's laughing and carrying on, having a good time with her team. Yang has taught her children well and it's paying off.

Wait. Children? Yang may well be the eldest of those in her traveling group (or at least, she acts like it) but she's never sounded quite this mature before. Fired up, too, as she's shouting with gusto. ]

Dusty! bring it on home! They've got enough sand in their eyes, it's time to finish this. [ The brown blur of a bird zipped back toward her and disappeared in a flash of light. Yang tossed one of her PokéBalls out. A wave of golden fur split into nine tails is all that can be seen until Yang herself stepped aside to get a shot of the arena again. ]

What's a show without some fireworks, right? Let's show the people at home how we do this, Fluffy. Light. Them. UP! [ The Ninetales walked forward gracefully. The very air around her shimmered with the heat building up. The name doesn't pack much of a punch, but the flames would do all the talking anyhow. Soon there was nothing to be seen but a raging inferno, leaving the other team vaguely singed and thoroughly exhausted; a total knock-out. ]

Heh. Nailed it!

[ Yang turned the camera back to herself and pushed down the shades protecting her eyes. There are lines on her face that are out of place. Light wrinkling and scars from a lifetime of fighting and laughing that haven't passed for her yet. Her hair is somehow even unrulier. There's no mistaking that confident grin of hers, though, or the way her violet eyes glimmer in the light. Older or not, Yang was riding high on the back of her crew's victory. ]

THAT ... was the most fun I've had with one of these gym battles. [ She looked away briefly, and waved her free hand. ] Good game, Whitney! Maybe we'll do this again sometime? [ Yang frowned a moment at the girl's reaction and murmured under her breath. ] Well, not if she's going to be like that...

[ She cleared her throat, right back to grinning. ] So. Anyway. It's too early to celebrate, but maaaybe I'll get something to drink later tonight. [ Yang pushed her sunglasses up into her hair. ] If any ladies want to join in, I definitely wouldn't say no.

[ Yang winked for the camera; her parting shot before ending the broadcast. ]

((OOC: replies will come from [personal profile] burndownforwhat & action threads can go in this log for anyone that catches her as she leaves the gym, or any other date during the age swap event!))
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[ Video | Open ]
[ Anyone tuning in to Yang's transmission today is in for a fluffy time. Literally. She is currently sitting on her knees between three largish Pokémon, that all barely fit in the already wide shot. Her proud Pyroar sits on all fours to one side, regarding the antics of the rather playful Arcanine who's enjoying Yang rubbing her tummy, and a majestic Ninetales is sitting with her back to the camera while Yang attempts to use the brush in her main hand to smooth out the post-washing curls. It's not working too well. ]

Okay, real talk! Does anyone have as much difficulty with grooming as I do with my crew? I mean, just look at them! [ A wide gesture, smiling and laughing as she does so. ] Do you have any idea how many brushes and combs I've gone through since I got here? I'm pretty sure I've spent less on evolution stones...

[ Of course, being the proud owner of a magnificent blond mane herself, she isn't about to let her Pokémon go with anything but the best in pet hair care. Yang resumes the brushing, much to the satisfaction of the Ninetales, who looks a little sleepy. ] Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of fun, but if anyone can recommend any tips or good places to shop for sturdier tools, I'm all ears.

[ Speaking of ears, she pauses briefly in scratching Rowdy's stomach to rub behind her own ear. ] —and can someone with a Joltik tell me if this kind of behavior is normal for them? I don't mind it exactly, but it's hard to keep track of her when she gets like this.

[ What is Yang talking about? Well, when she turns to show the back of her head to the camera, if one squints, it may be possible to see one very cheerful Joltik making itself cozy in the long wavy strands of Yang's substantial hairdo. Like she's building a nest for herself, almost... ]

((OOC: Here is a catch-all post. Action threads and continuations from here are welcomed there!))
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[ (A) Audio : Friday 2/26 ]
Okay so, like, I'm not super into my job but it's not bad. [ Oh, I'm sorry, was there a preamble? Ain't nobody got time for that. Especially not this hyperactive sounding girl. Yang was always brimming with energy, that much isn't new, and it certainly sounds like Yang right now ... if not for a shift in her tone making her sound either entitled, snarky, overly excited, or extremely bored. She turned her attitude around on a dime, never sitting for too long on just one emotion. ]

The problem is that, like, I've got all this energy and nothing really to do with it? Fighting is boring without our Auras, and I can only stand training Pokémon so many hours of the day, y'know?

[ She giggled. ] What I really wanna do, though, is party hard!

Anyone in Goldenrod with ideas on where a girl could get in on that kind of action? If you're cool, we could even hang out or whateverrr~!

[ (B) Action : Friday 2/26 ]

[ Just because she was complaining about a lack of outlets for her energy, it didn't mean that she had not tried to do everything possible to keep herself entertained. When not at her temp job, Yang was out about the town in her trainer uniform, the most obvious changes to it being that she has her hair tied back and down in a pair of massive ponytails (it's hard to contain dat mane), and on her feet she's got a pair of snazzy new roller skates.

Yang is flitting about the city with her radio blasting some of that upbeat techno or dance music as she was grinding along guard rails or the tops of benches (whether they are occupied or not), weaving in through the crowds (successfully or not), and overall is unable to sit still for more than two seconds. She's got a mischievous glint in her eyes as they look out from behind a pair of pink heart-shaped lenses, and when she isn't yammering on, she's popping bubblegum. Occasionally she has a pair of colored plastic rings with her that she tosses into the air for her Murkrow or Pidgeotto to catch as they swoop down around her.

If something or someone catches her eye, she may just loop around them to get their attention in return, or call out: ]
Hey, you! I love your {hair / outfit / Pokémon}! [ Of course, depending on who or what she saw, that could just as easily be followed up with a snarky, back-handed comment. There is no warning for this. ]

[ (C) Video : Saturday 2/27 ]

[ Today, Yang's in her room, seated on the carpet and dressed down to shorts and a tank top. She isn't concerned with people seeing the green-and-yellow bruises she was sporting thanks to last week's antics. No, the more recent damage was largely to her ego, which has left her frowning thoughtfully at the camera. With her hands in her lap, she lazily rolled a Pokéball back and forth. ]

Ooookay. Where do I even start with this? [ Besides looking like Hell, Yang also waffled between feeling guilty for the previous day's antics, and angry that things happened the way they did. ] Is this sort of thing normal around here? Just ... waking up one day and acting all different? This is the second time and — I gotta say? I'm not a fan.

[ Yang sighed. ] For what it's worth, I wanna say I'm sorry to anyone that talked to me yesterday. That was definitely nothing like me! I was acting like a bi— [ Oops. Language. ] B-iiiit of a. Jerk. [ She taunted two NPC trainers to tears. "Jerk" was an understatement. Yang knowing whose attitude that side of her was influenced by was icing on the disaster cake that is her life right now. ]

Anyway. Uh. Does anyone have experience with apologizing to a Pokémon? I'm pretty sure Dusty — my Pidgeotto — is mad at me thanks to all this. [ Yang stopped rolling the 'ball around and brought it up before her frowning face. So much for encouraging loyalty in her "crew"... ]

((OOC: if you want to skip straight to the fallout portion and want to handwave some kind of negative interaction beforehand, hit me up so we can hash out details! otherwise I'll roll with w/e for starters. ETA 3/5 ponytail references because I'm picky like that! >.>; ))
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[ Action : Morning ]
[ When it came to blending in with the natives, Yang certainly looked the part. The only reason she had the jacket on in the first place was because it was much colder here and she was still feeling the heat of the combat high she left behind in the arena. It was with equal parts bewilderment, confusion, and irritation that she looked out at her surroundings, her mind reeling with trying to make sense of everything she had read, or heard from that ... that delusional woman in the house she left behind.

To make matters worse, her attention was constantly divided between her goal of gathering as much information on this town as possible and the faint half-bark half-growling of the "pet" that was close to the heels of her boots at all times.

Finally, Yang stopped and crouched down, adjusting the way her new bag slung off of her shoulder. ]
Look, pup. You're cute and all, and I've love to play with you, but I don't really have time for it right now. Okay? You feel me?

[ It certainly seemed to be listening, though talking to an animal and expecting it to comprehend everything she said wasn't what Yang expected at all. She was more just vocalizing her frustrations to the closest living soul.

She sighed, a thick cloud of steam in the chill winter air. ]
I don't even have any treats for you. At least, I don't think I do... [ Yang thought about it a minute. There had been supplies, but nothing you should feed a dog.

Then Yang withdrew her hand from within the travel bag holding onto small red-and-white sphere. ]
Hmm, actually. I never tried to open this. Looks like one of those surprise egg toy prizes. I wonder what's inside...

[ The Growlithe made a gruff, curious sound, and leaned in a bit to sniff at the ball. Yang tapped the button on it front and made as if to show the puppy the contents first. The ball grew in her hand, which surprised her and caused her to drop it. It popped open with a sound and then, after a flash of light, the dog was just... gone! Sucked right into the ball by some kind of strange energy.

Yang did not take that well. ]
WHOA! What the— [ That was. Not supposed to happen. Yang's eyes were wide and she rose her feet. Time to panic! ] Ohmygod! WhatdidIdo? DidIkillit? Ididn't—! Ahh crap!!! [ She bent down to pick up the ball once more, turning it this way and that. Does she dare open it? Can someone close to her explain what just happened?!? HELP! ]

[ Audio : Open ]
[ Yang sounded much calmer when she finally made her general broadcast. It was said that this would be a good way to reach out to anyone here whether they were new like her, well informed as to how this place worked, or (hopefully) familiar voice from home. ]

Uhh, I was told I should probably introduce myself here over this network, but it feels kind of weird to do that. Not like I expect anyone to know who I am. But... [ A pause, there is some growling in the background. Eh. Here goes nothing? ]

I'm Yang Xiao Long. If the words "Remnant", "Beacon Academy", or "Vytal Festival" mean anything to you, call me back right away. It's kind of urgent.

If you're the one that brought me here, well, thanks for not letting me get to enjoy my victory first? Niiiice timing! [ A grumble. ] Jerks.

[ Yang sighed quietly. She's usually much better with people, but it's hard to feel up to making new friends right off the bat when freshly displaced. Give her a minute. She'll come around. ]

Otherwise, uh .... hi, I guess? Someone talk to me. I don't even know if I did this right.
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